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Failed Number Purge

This feature, when accessed, is used to better maintain your phonebook groups by allowing you to purge numbers based on a chosen number of consecutive SMS delivery failures. Upon running, the numbers are moved to a special 'Failed number' group for future deletion or correction as you require. To keep your phonebook up to date follow the instructions below.

Enable Purge failed numbers:

CLICK 'Advanced features'

CLICK 'Other features'

CHECK 'Purge failed numbers'

CLICK 'Update' button.

CLICK 'My Account' link, at top of page, to return to your account home page.

Purge failed numbers from your groups:

CLICK 'Phonebook Groups'

You will see a group called 'Failed Numbers (update)'

CLICK 'update' link.

Specify the number of consecutive failures that you would like to use to classify numbers as 'failed'. (Note: Take into consideration how often you send to the group.)

CHECK 'group names' to purge

CLICK 'purge' button (Note: The total number of purged numbers will be displayed near the top of the page.)

Repeat as desired.

CLICK 'Home' link, at top of page, to return to BulkSMS home page.

Delete purged numbers:

CLICK 'Phonebook Groups'

CLICK 'update' link from 'Failed Numbers (update)'

CLICK 'Clear old numbers'

You will see this message “All failed numbers which you previously purged, will now be completely removed, including their associated individuals.”

CLICK 'Delete'

Previously purged numbers will be removed from the 'Failed Numbers' group.

Recommended Usage:
Every time a failed status report is received a counter is incremented by one for that failed number. If a successful status is received the counter is reset to zero for that number. The system tracks the number of consecutive failures. By specifying the number of consecutive failures, as above, you can control what numbers are removed.

The more often you send, the more failures you should specify. 5 failures is considered conservative, 3 failures is more aggressive. A higher number of specified failures will purge fewer numbers.

Purge your groups of failed numbers on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. (Note: The numbers are not deleted, they are moved to a group called 'Failed Numbers').

You can send messages to the 'Failed Numbers' group. This is done the same way that you send to the other groups. (Note: You should expect a high SMS delivery failure rate if you send SMS's to the failed number group.)

You can also move numbers from this group back into the other groups, if necessary.