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Developers / system administrators can send SMTP to SMS by using our regular Email to SMS solution. However, we do not recommend using email-to-SMS for non-trivial applications, primarily because the need to block email spam on our SMTP servers can cause delays in delivery of your SMSs. The email to SMS facility also has fewer features and a lower throughput than other APIs.

Our recommended solution is the HTTP to SMS API (EAPI), which offers higher volumes, code samples, and more features.

If you do wish to use email to SMS for your application, please try to:

  • Have a low retry time on your SMTP server, to minimise the delay between delivery retries.
  • SMTP from your application or SMTP server directly to our SMTP servers, and not via third parties (e.g. your ISP).
  • Use SMTP authentication (from your SMTP server or from your application). Visit the SMTP auth instructions after logging in to your account).