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SMS for Individuals

BulkSMS offers various products to be used by individuals in any environment – from your desktop, any internet enabled computer, your email client or even your cellphone.

BulkSMS website – send SMS text messages to individuals and groups using the BulkSMS web based SMS messaging platform.

Desktop Software – the BulkSMS Text Messenger is a software program that allows you to send SMS messages straight from your computer. It is quick to install, easy to use and readily available on your desktop.

iOS App – This BulkSMS App enables you to send SMS text messages from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Your email client – use your current email program (MS Outlook, Gmail, etc) to send and receive SMS messages.

Remember: Once you are using one BulkSMS product, you have access to them all! One username and password gives you access to all BulkSMS has to offer.