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Sponsor Credits

Sponsor credits would typically be used within a company or department where there is one main account and various ‘sub-accounts’. This allows the main account holder to control credit purchases and to access each sub account and view the message history.

Example: Staff are able to manage their customer relationships via messaging and management is able to control the ‘spend’ and ensure that the messages are for business purposes only.

BulkSMS solutions help BulkSMS solutions help

In the above examples, the Main account holders (the Head of Customer Services and the Chief Financial Officer) can allocate a specified number of credits to each sub-account each month, alternatively, they can add credits as each sub-account requires.

The main accounts can also view all messages sent and received on the sub accounts to monitor the messages.

View the help centre to see how to sponsor another BulkSMS account.


There are no extra costs involved when sponsoring one or more BulkSMS accounts. The main account holder will pay the normal costs when purchasing credits. See our pricing table for these costs.

Getting Started

In order to sponsor credits, you will need to have a BulkSMS account.

Registering for your BulkSMS account is quick and easy and will only take a few moments.

Remember, you don’t have to register with a different user name everytime you want to use a different BulkSMS product. Once you are a BulkSMS customer, you will have access to all of the products and services available.


User support is available at no extra cost. BulkSMS offers telephonic and email support during week days, Saturdays and Public Holidays. For more information, including available times, please contact Support.

If you have any questions regarding any of the BulkSMS products or require further information, please email Sales.